We offer a range of video services for all businesses!

Want to learn a bit about us? Verdigirs TV are an independent film production company specialising in online video content marketing. From creating enjoyable online videos to informative corporate videos, we have it all covered.

Based in the heart of London we have our fingers on the pulse. Our team of dedicated professionals are enthusiastic about delivering unique quality videos. We have the ability to provide a highly personalised service, collaborating with our clients to meet their individual creative requirements

We manage The production proces from originaliteit concept to final edit; starting from research and original ideas, to scripting, casting, location, directing, filming, editing, graphics and audio. We van toen help you publish your workshop online utilising all the marketing platforms you require to reach your chosen audience.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and always strive to deliver optimal results, ensuring our clients actieve their goals and successfully project their vision onto the worldwide web.

With over 3.2 billion online users the web is now the most powerful marketing tool any business can utilise. View some more astounding video marketing statistics here

Here are just a few figures:

Online Audience
Videos watched online
Hours of Video Content

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Videos can be processed so easily. Businesses need to take advantage of this medium to spread their chosen message to their target consumers.

Creative Concepts

Creating a video is one thing, but conceptualising a truly creative video is what really makes an impact.

Turn your ideas into a reality

Our team can ensure that your video is brought to life and really resonates. We revel in making memorable and refreshing video concepts.

Intuitive Filming

We collaborate with our clients to allow them to decide which concept best convey their message and brand.

Content Matters

Audiences want to be inspired and impressed. This takes some imagination. Videos need to be authentic and emotive in order to reel your audience in.


Online platforms allow audiences to share experiences and businesses to inspire and appeal to their audiences.

Choose your platform

By connecting with your audience and continually marketing your brand effectively, you can widen your audience and develop brand loyalty.

We can harness the web to reach clients worldwide.

Videos on your website need to be attractive, innovative and informative! What we design is customized to meet those expectations.

We Are Creative

We help you create compelling videos that fit your marketing strategy and builds your brand by discovering where your consumers are and how best to reach them.

We Have Intuition

Our video consultants take the time to brainstorm ideas and also research our clients’ video content requirements, looking at past activity and future direction.

We Are Determined

Verdigris TV can help your business tap into this world of content marketing using powerful videos.We create the perfect script and storyboard so that we can execute the campaign to perfection.

Helping your business take off is our top priority!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination